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How to Wash Your Custom Screen Printed Apparel

To avail the best wear from a custom screen printed item of clothing, it is important that you are aware of the rights and wrongs of properly washing the item in question. The quality of your shirts is crucial to their wear ability and their longevity. Don’t you just hate it when you take out your brand new shirts from the dryer, and they have shrunk down to a size that will fit a toddler? But worry not; we have some tips and tricks that will provide you with a solution.

The simplest don’t of washing a custom print shirt is hot water. There is very little cause to use hot water for laundry unless of course, you are washing items for mass use. Cold water will sufficiently clean your clothes while being gentler on the fabric and causing less damage to your laundry.

Another tip to prevent damage to clothes is to abstain from the use of bleach or other strong detergents. Like hot water, strong products offer very little as compared to the destruction they weave on your threads. Use fabric softeners and gentle detergents that will give you a clean wash and stay easy on the laundry. Use a stain remover on the hard to get spots, but do your best to stay away from harsh products.

To further improve the life of your clothes, turn them inside out before you wash and dry them. Even if you already implement them with your jeans and t-shirts, it will benefit all of your clothes to be treated in the same manner before you put them in the wash. This will protect both the printing and any embellishments that adorn your clothes.

Just to stress on the heat factor, never put your clothes in a hot dryer. Try not to set your dryer to the highest heat settings when you want to dry everyday clothes, except for sheets and towels. Always remove your clothes from the dryer while they are still a little damp so that the thread doesn’t get too brittle.

Another important do of laundry is to wash similar clothes together-and by similar we don’t mean color only. Colors should be separated to prevent a hot mess of merging, but it is also important to separate according to fabric type. Fabrics that are similar in quality and texture should be washed together to endure the minimum chaffing. Mixing up fabrics together creates pills and is the fastest way to cause peeling on custom printed items.

To get the best wear out of your custom printed apparel and to extend the life of the printing and prevent cracking and peeling, follow the tips above and tricks. Not everyone can afford to dry clean every other item of clothing or buy new clothes every other week. Hence, it is better to use domestic methods to take as much care as possible of your clothes at home.

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