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How to Pick a T-Shirt for Screen Printing

When choosing a T-shirt for screen printing, it is crucial to factor in the different levels of price, material, fit, and quality that will give you the t-shirt that suits your needs perfectly. While the choice selection can seem overwhelming, that is exactly what this article is here for. With our help, you will easily be able to choose the perfect blend of the above factors to get the perfect Tee.

Often people forget to take the material of the t-shirt into account, thet-shirt is a basic item of clothing and hence, one which isn’t often given much importance to. However, the material of the t-shirt you chose to print upon is important, be it for sale or personal use. You do not want a thick, rough t-shirt that chaffs easily and shrinks up to the size of a doll dress on the first wash.

The best blends to go with while choosing the t-shirt are the ones that feel soft, feel good to wear and give a better quality print. The best choice would be 100% cotton or cotton polyester blends that provide a good quality print.

The fit of the T-shirt depends on the type of wear you are looking for. If you are into street fashion, and super casual wear, then the best fit to go with would be a loose baggy t-shirt that would complement the street style. If you prefer shirts with graphic printings and quotes on them, then it is better to find a middle ground between fitted and baggy shirts to pull off the casual look. However, if t-shirts are a normal part of your attire, your obvious choice should be the fitted tee, which makes the wearer look good and is perfect for a semi-formal look.

The quality of the shirts is tied to the brand, and that is tied to price. The better the brand, the finer the quality, and the higher the price. If you can afford a higher quality t-shirt, then you should opt for it, as it will provide you with a better thread count and printing that has a lesser chance of peeling off earlier in its life. There are several brands out there, such as American Apparel and Alternative Apparel that offer the best t-shirts-comfortable, durable and expensive. Then there are the standard t-shirt brands that cost the least to get an image printed on them. All in all, the choice of brand and quality depends upon the budget you have and how much you are willing to spend on a t-shirt.

Now that you have factored in the material, the fit and the quality that you want, you can choose the images or quotations you want to be printed on the t-shirt that you have picked out. It is wise to consider every color and quality combination before going forth with the printing, just to be on the safe side.

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