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How to Make Stylish Mugs With Snorkeling Photos

Once you think about it, mugs tend to be a very convenient tool for us to use in our everyday lives. While they do come in almost every shape and size, sometimes you wish to get exactly what your heart desires. In that case, customizable mugs play a huge role. Custom mugs allow you to print almost anything on your mug, allowing a person to express their love for a particular sports team, company or even a hobby.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the many ways fashionable mugs can be made with snorkeling as our main idea behind the type of printing to be done on the mugs.

To start off, a person first needs to decide the type of mug he/she needs. One of the main types includes ceramic mugs and porcelain mugs. Ceramic mugs usually consist of earthenware, which is made of clay fired at a temperature of around 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, porcelain mugs are manufactured by firing kaolin clay at a massively high temperature of 2600 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is the reason why porcelain mugs tend to consist of an exceptionally white shine that can easily be identified as a high-quality product or in everyday terms, China. The name comes from the process that originated in China and thus, any high quality ceramics made from porcelain are referred to as (informally) China.

The choice of whether you should go for ceramic mugs or porcelain mugs depends on the how you are going to use the mug. If you wish to keep them for everyday use such as drinking tea or coffee on a daily basis or use them as an accessory holder, ceramic mugs will be a good decision to go with. This is mainly because of their durability and practicality. However, if your decision is to have mugs made for special occasions, high quality (but fragile) porcelain mug should be your preferred type.

Once you have decided the material you wish to use for your custom mug, it’s time to think of a design. Since our topic of customization is Snorkelling, themes similar to water bodies like the sea, rivers, and ponds should be of our concern. The first color that comes to mind is blue, and it might be the choice of many people wanting a mug with the snorkeling theme.

However, plain colors like black and white can also serve as an interesting choice for your background color i.e. the color that will fill the whole of the cup before your image goes up. Following the background color, you will now have to decide the sort of image you want to put on the mug. This will entirely depend on your personal choice. Some good examples could be spreading small fish-like figures all over the mug with a simple image of a diver swimming in the sea.

This will give the impression that your mug is an ocean, and the person is swimming around. Imagine how cool that’d look? But some people prefer a more artsy look and minimalistic designs would do the trick for them in that case. They can simply have an outline of a diver with a simple black background.

Although, some people might find it plain and boring, the simplistic features will be the reason your mug would stand out. It is also recommended to have an understanding of minimalism and how important it tends to be in the field of arts. Some striking images to put up on your mug can be a diver “diving into” the mug, implying that the diver is entering the liquid inside the cup. Other excellent examples can include a snorkeling themed beach with a motivating quote to get you through the day while you have your Monday morning coffee. The possibilities seem to be endless.

Moving on, it is now time to enter the technical areas and how exactly you can get that picture of yours on to the cup. There are various ways of doing it, but will depend on the quality and quantity of what you want. Transfer paper is used in arts and crafts projects. The medium can range from Inkjet printers, Dye sublimation to color laser. The printers are used to print an image before they are transferred to the object needed for printing, which in this case are mugs.

Firstly, we will discuss the most budget-friendly and easy method of printing your mug. Inkjet printers are useful due to their ability to design earthenware with a print that is wash proof. This will make your mug ready to be washed over and over again, so you don’t have to think twice when drinking tea or coffee from it every day. However, one downfall of the inkjet is the fact that it is unable to print white. This will mean that if you want a white design on a black mug, then an inkjet printer will not be able to do the trick.

Now if your aim is to produce high volumes of customizable mugs, then going with dye sublimation is a smart choice. Dye sublimation aids in producing high quality, clear and sharp images supported by the bright color. When in need of printing an image with very detailed characteristics, dye sublimation will make sure that all the features of the picture being printed are visible to the naked eye.

Now to move on to some manual labor, we have transfer printing that takes screen-printing one step ahead. The images to be printed are usually applied by hand. Therefore, transfer printing is a preferred way of printing when dealing with a mug that has a conical or a convex shape. The process tends to be a fairly longer one but yields good and effective results.

Digital print, another tool for printing mugs, works efficiently for high volumes of short run applications, especially in the personalized photo mugs industry and on bone china or earthenware. However, with digital print, the use of software in the print management process can be a complex process as proper color balances are necessary for acceptable results. Additionally, this tends to be a costly method so might not be suitable for everyone.

With this bulk of information, you surely have been educated with the different ways you can have a stylish mug with a snorkeling design. Now a wise move would be to get your creative juices flowing so you can end up with a personalized mug of your choice.

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