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The Best Photoshop Tools

The Best Photoshop Tools

A little shimmer to that dress, a wing to your eyeliner, a tie with a matching pocket square, a little mouse to your hair? We even want our food to be fancified with different toppings and sauces. We live in an age where we like our hair accessorized, our nails painted, our ears pierced dazzling with diamonds or rockin’ the studs, our pets with collars and cute little mittens. We can’t seem to get enough! How can we ever imagine leaving our pictures as they are all boring and our graphic designs all plain and lifeless? We want to bring life into everything around us, we want some excitement, some creativity,we want to be mesmerized by the things we see and use every day, WE WANT TO GET BLOWN AWAY!

For the peeps who like doing all these things, do you want to unleash the creative beasts that are within you? Where we have an outbreak of technology and innovation, WHAT could be a better option, but PHOTOSHOP?!

Most of you have heard the name or seen your friends use it. It’s not at all, difficult software to learn when you’re up for intricacy, art and let’s just say MAGIC!


For beginner magicians out there, let’s start with the TOP 20 basic features that our stupefying software has to offer.

Rectangular Marque Tool:

If you want to select a rectangular area from your image, all you need is this tool. It’s a rectangular dotted icon in the toolbar that determines the portion of your image which you want to be affected by the other tools. Holding (shift) while you dragging your selection will help you to restrict your selection to a perfect square.

Move Tool:

Want to move any selected area? Use the move tool. It appears to be an arrowhead in the icons. Again the (Shift) key will help to restrict the movements, whether vertical or horizontal. We mostly use it to move a layer that’s just been placed.

Polygon Lasso Tool:

It’s great to select an area to work on, but what if you want an irregularly shaped portion of the image? For that, you have the lasso tool. Select a starting point and draw the selection away! To end your selection click on the starting point once again.

Magic Wand Tool:

The icon is a small magic wand in the toolbar. This tool allows you to select a color and also transparency based on whatever you click. From the option bar at the top, you can adjust the tolerance for adding or reducing the precision of your selection.

Crop Tool:

As clear as it is from the name, this tool allows you to crop! It’s very easy to use just drag the cursor to select the required rectangular area of your image and then press enter to crop.

Healing Brush Tool:

For healing whatever you’re working with, use the band-aid in the tool bar. The heeling brush will paint over the selected area and help the selected damaged area to blend comfortably in like the rest of the image.

Brush Tool:

Yes, the paint brush next to the band-aid is the brush tool. You can change the size and hardness of your brush, select any color of your choice and get to painting!

History Brush Tool:

The history brush tool can paint history, what I mean is that it uses the history or the previous state of the image before editing the information that is to be painted instead of a color.

Erase Tool:

Now this would work best if you have a white image that has a few spots to remove because the erase tool will erase the area of the image selected and leave you behind with a white patch. If that’s not what you were looking for, you can always undo.

Paint Bucket:

It’s just like how we used to use it in the paint when we were kids. Select a color and then just spill it over the selected area.

Clone Stamp:

Ok! So this is one of my personal favorites. It’s the stamp you see in the tool bar. All you have to do is press (Alt) and click the area you want to copy, then move the cursor to the area where you want to put the stamp.

Blur Tool:

That drop in the icons is the blur tool. Just click and drag over the area you want to be blurred and it’s as simple as that.

Dodge Tool:

Now, this tool also works with the simple click and drag. You can lighten the tone of any color in your image even your skin! This tool won’t work on black.

Horizontal Type Tool:

It’s the capital T in your tool bar. Click and drag to form a box in which you can write whatever you want. Select the writing, size, and color of your choice. You also have styles like writing in an arc, making it bulged, rise, into a wave and more.

Notes Tool:

If you like pasting sticky notes, then congratulations! Because you can also add the notes in Photoshop. You can add these small notes on the file you are working with.

Hand Tool:

The hand tool is a small hand that helps you take your image around places for example if you’re zoomed in and you want to work with a small area of the zoomed in the region, it can help you move your image a bit right or left.

Zoom Tool:

A pretty obvious feature. It allows you to zoom in and zoom out your image by clicking on the small magnifying glasses in the options above, with a plus and a minus on them respectively.

Smudge Tool:

It’s the hand with the finger ready to smudge your image. You just have to click and drag this tool over whatever thing of yours needs smudging.


From the option bar above, click on the filter and then filter gallery. You can add the filter you like to make your work more attractive.

Image Rotation:

From the menu bar above select Image>Image Rotation and rotate your image to 180 or 90 degrees or any other arbitrary angle.

Sure this won’t make you a pro in Photoshop now, but once you get started with these basics, the excitement won’t let you lay back for long. So, guys if you’re up for it,

There’s no workshop for editing your files like Photoshop!”

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