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Beneficial Photoshop Tutorials

Beneficial Photoshop Tutorials

boss250250There was once a time when human beings had to rely solely on their malleable memories for conjuring up the precious moments of their lives. Then, a technological advancement conveniently placed sneaky devices called cameras into their hands, and they started crystallizing time, metaphorically speaking. But they were never truly satisfied. Why? Because the moments they captured were blemished with the wobbly imperfections of life. This is why photoshop tutorials are very beneficial.

Human beings always have, and still do, yearn for utter perfection. Complete geometric perfection is something that life, being a topsy-turvy ride, doesn’t offer. But, there is a way to beat life at its own game: Photoshop. It is tricky image-modifying software that, according to the accepted opinion of the elite scholars, only the best of the best can master. However, Patrick of Learn Photo Editing refuses to agree with it. He believes in the practice-makes-perfect approach and is a true sensei for all aspiring digital artists/photographers/graphic designers out there. With his Photoshop Tutorials, anyone can learn the art, and even become a professional professor of it.

Provided that you’ve accepted my argument for the need of perfection, the questions which might arise in your minds at this point can be adequately answered so:

  • You want to appear perfect in your pictures? Then, with the application of certain tools which Photoshop caters, you can.
  • How do you learn to use those tools? By following and watching the Photoshop Tutorials.
  • What makes these tutorials so exceptional that you should select only THEM out of all? They teach you how to make your images literally ‘pop out of the screen’ step-by-step no matter how long it takes. Patrick guarantees that by the end of the lessons, you will be able to create anything to your liking with the simple wave of your Photoshop wand.

Prior to the induction of Patrick’s Photoshop Tutorials on the domain of the internet, an assortment of complaints, with a ‘grapes-are-sour’ complexion, was ringing about, discouraging people from using Photoshop. It is no doubt that Photoshop is a complex software, but that doesn’t make it impossible to master. Its complexity comes somewhat from the wide variety of tools it has, and largely from the technical steps which must be followed in exactly the right order and proportion for the creation of a perfect image. Any toe out of line would create a ludicrous disaster, the joke of the town, which would ultimately go viral. People termed it, some still do, as an irritating inconvenience, which requires too much layering, duplicating, filtering, blending, adjusting of lighting, shadows, colors, curves, etc.

It is a maxim repeated by many crooners that ‘nothing comes easy’. Cities are not created on the face of the Earth in a day, underwater treasures are not discovered in the depths of the oceans in an hour, and airplanes are not hoisted up in the boundless sky in a minute. Everything demands time and effort, and behind this sacrifice, should be an insurmountable willpower. If you wish to master the art of Photoshop, you CAN do it, but only if you put your mind to it. The Photoshop Tutorials at are quite long, which is all the better, because they are extremely detailed and comprehensive. The teacher walks you through each step, introducing to your various tools, and exhibits crafty techniques in applying them effectively. This process is what we call in literary analysis as ‘Peeling the Onion,’ where each layer is removed meticulously before a new one is encountered, and in the end, the core is reached, which means that the efforts have reaped a beneficial result. features many Photoshop Tutorials, the following of which will not only render you able to redefine the concepts of beauty, but will also enable you to water the creative plant in your soul. Other websites may demand monthly monetary subscriptions for their tutorials, but Patrick only asks for a meager elementary fee that will last a lifetime, and is nothing compared to the highly detailed lessons, which will be engraved in your memories and will help you throughout your career.

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Not only this, he gives out an offer which no one else does, that is of money-back guarantee in the first six months of membership. If you don’t like his Photoshop Tutorials, then you can have your money back with best wishes for the future. He only wants you to unleash your talents with as little money as possible, and this is something which should be duly appreciated.

Now, what is it that these tutorials claim to teach us? If you are a fan of science-fiction-slash-zombie-gore and like me, have always wanted to create a post-apocalyptic world infested with drawling zombies, then the Photoshop Tutorials on will teach you, one step at a time, how to craft your fictional world using a technique called ‘Compositing’. Combining various images into one mold, you can spice up your photographs by adding a fantastical foreground or background, thereby, rendering them otherworldly.

Moreover, for most people, weddings are the happiest days of their lives, and they want everything to be perfect especially on ‘their day’. There are tutorials on this website that can enable you to use the ‘Color Correcting’ features which can give a highly defined and improved look to your wedding photos. ‘Photo Manipulation’ is one of the most important skills that the tutorials on this website teach. If you want to be creative, this tool is quite useful, not to mention amusing, in this respect. It will allow you to create aliens from the picture of an old man, to append a voracious T-Rex in the background of your son’s photo, to exaggerate excessively in a caricature, and to give a Harry Potter theme to your old photos, etc.

If you would like to have your portraits look more realistic, then Patrick’s tutorials will help you in doing so with a technique called ‘Color Grading’. You can even push the limits of this technique, without degrading it, and give a completely new color to a raw picture. You can increase the details of your face, smeared by the camera, with this technique as well. In addition to this, you can play with ‘Shadows’ and ‘Highlights’ and give an interesting surreal-gothic look to plain pictures, whether of scenery or a portrait. This will dramatize the whole scene, and will go to the extent of touching the boundaries of horror, thereby satisfying our darker inner demons. You can create a Frankenstein from a portrait, a Mystical Town from a landscape, and a haunted mansion from an old house, just by playing with shadows.

For black and white demands, there are ‘Advanced Photo-Editing’ features which the tutorial teaches step by step. To make a photo flashy and glamorous, there are ‘Advanced Retouching’ tutorials on this website as well. You can make yourself look like a supermodel, or a Disney princess, or a mythical goddess, or a video game character or a Siamese cat using this feature. Do you write a food blog and would like to see your pictures get famous overnight? Then, do watch and learn from the tutorials on ‘Lighting’ that Patrick’s website teach.

Photoshop Tutorials Benefits Digital Painters

If you are an aspiring digital painter and would like to create panoramas ‘from scratch’, as Patrick puts it, then, look no further than There are extremely helpful and all-inclusive tutorials that will help you to make ethereal paintings, to design brand new chic clothes, and to craft edgy cartoon characters for your comic books. Apart from these, there are tutorials that would allow you to make a night of a day and a day of night, a land of a sea and a sea of a land, a male of a female and a female of a male, etc. There are tutorials on Tone Mapping, HDR, and Color Blending as well.

Do you ever wonder about a place where every single thing related to your need is practically laid out on shelves, calling for your attention? Do you ever become desirous of seeing a place from where you can acquire sacred, enigmatic knowledge, previously so hard to unearth? Do you ever dream of going to a place from where you return a victorious warrior, ready to conquer them all? If you do, then I can tell you of one, and it is called ‘’.

It is a website on which technologically advanced knowledge of Photoshop is located, with all its hidden tips and tricks, in the form of Tutorials, and locked in a chest, with a key in your hands. Subscribe to it and learn from the amazing Tutorials about the art of stealthily altering images, of obliterating the undesired defects, of introducing distortions for a humorous effect, of making outstanding art, and of creating universes out of a vacuum. If you crave for perfection which life doesn’t accord to you, then visit this website, live out your dreams and change the very fabric of reality.

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